End to End Data Path Protection

Data error detection plus data recovery equal to THOROUGH data protection. With our built-in engines in the devices, hardware, firmware, or memory error can all be captured.

NANDXtend ECC Engine

Standing on the shoulder of standard BCH ECC and RS ECC engines employed in conventional SSDs, LDPC (low-density parity-check) code and Group page RAID algorithm now push it even further to reduce potential dPPM and EXTEND the service life of your SSDs.

IntelligentScan and DataRefresh

Just like the importance of body check, a regular self-scan on SSD is indispensable for the extension of data retention capability.


One must have good tools in order to do a good job. The power of medical expertise usually grabs patients' first attention when they accept medical treatments and successfully get cured from certain disorder or disease. Notwithstanding, behind all the treatment stands what they do not immediately realize, which is the importance of the robustness of all the medical apparatuses as well as the best quality and long service life of the data storage device.

  • Diagnostics
  • Medical imaging
  • Medical Treatment
  • Point-of-care testing
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Augmented reality
  • Medical Vision
Medical imaging progress

Medical imaging progressNowadays clinical workloads require storage infrastructure advancements that meet their demands and deliver fast, microscopy images are growing in size as new innovative techniques increase their clarity and resolution. However, more bioimages will need to be centrally stored to not only accelerate treatments, evaluations and diagnostics, but to also learn from these large datasets.

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