Low-Power Mode

Power source is not always at hands but devices must always go on and operate. Switching to the low-power mode may sound like a piece of cliche but definitely a much-appreciated move when looking back.

Advanced Field FW Update

In order to enhance feature or performance, Advanced Field FW Update ensures a smooth process without causing any change to user data.

AES & Secured Zone Protection

With the design principle of Substitution-Permutation Network (SPN), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is definitely the best secret keeper for your most valuable data.


Kiosks are required to support long and stable operations to be a perfect service interface. In addition to the necessity of durability, data security mechanisms also play an important role to protect data and customers’ personal privacy. You can count on IMS’s SSDs because they can offer you nothing but the best quality.

  • Slot Machine
  • Self-Service Kiosk
  • Vending Machine
  • Self-Service Food Ordering Machine
  • Gaming Machine
  • Advertising Player
  • Digital Signage

Reliable & Stable Self-ServiceThe gaming industry has a real need for reliability, stability of design and security features. KIOSK provides a full range of standard and custom self-service platforms designed to keep your casino solution overhead minimized. However, KIOSK for promotion and loyalty applications, providing guests with automated access to points information, special offers, and incentives vital to growing repeat customer profits.

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