Intelligent Clean

When too many processes are left in the background for too long and start to worsen the performance, Intelligent Clean takes on the responsibility and promises an operating device with long-lasting top performance.

End to End Data Path Protection

Data error detection plus data recovery equal to THOROUGH data protection. With our built-in engines in the devices, hardware, firmware, or memory error can all be captured.

NANDXtend ECC Engine

Standing on the shoulder of standard BCH ECC and RS ECC engines employed in conventional SSDs, LDPC (low-density parity-check) code and Group page RAID algorithm now push it even further to reduce potential dPPM and EXTEND the service life of your SSDs.


The audience of the modern days demands much better screening visuals and the solution of 4K and 8K will become common one day as the market grows. Under this inevitable trend, IMS is ready to join hands with the media industry, deploy our storage devices, and take the audience worldwide into a new era much clearer and much more colorful.

  • 4K / 8K Media Player
  • Video Camera
  • 4K / 8K Recorder
  • Media Server
  • Imagery / Geospatial Intelligence (IMINT / GEOINT)
  • OTT / Set-Top-Box (STB)
Digital content

Digital content & better resolution Data storage driven by massive volumes of digital content generated from much larger assets, and continually growing in both sizes. As resolution and file sizes grow to support HD, 4K, and more content is captured and created, efficiently storing and managing the massive data growth, while maintaining the user performance, is necessary.

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