Advanced Field FW Update

In order to enhance feature or performance, Advanced Field FW Update ensures a smooth process without causing any change to user data.

Built-in Temperature Sensor

The computer device is vulnerable to continued working in high heat. With an in-built temperature sensor monitoring, your device can successfully avoid over-heating via protections such as thermal throttling.

Hardware Data Flush

To build a more friendly world for those who have not built up a habit of constant file saving, Data Flush serves as a safety net to catch regret whenever there is a blackout or a kid carelessly loosening the cord when he simply wants to come closer to say hi.


When everyone in the world taps their phones billions of times combined for posting messages or using any app service, what we can never ignore is the capability and the capacity of the hardware to back up all kinds of applications, especially in the modern days, products and services require the ability to scale up quickly, adjust flexibly, and to perform steadily, not only because user volume has grown larger than ever, but also the digital world has become more and more interconnected. Therefore, IMS is ready to back up your device with our expertise in firmware and our storage devices of supreme quality.

  • Imagery / Geospatial Intelligence (IMINT / GEOINT)
  • Retail Store Security
  • Digital Fencing Tracking System
  • Parking Lot Management
  • Face Recognition
  • Baby Monitor System
  • Automated teller machine (ATM) Surveillance System

Security demand & Real-time DataDue to the increasing demands placed on security and 360-degree camera technologies, video surveillance is expected to apply analytics real-time captured data. Driving new smart video apps whose video streams extract value and intelligence that drive actionable insights which include gaining insights into retail shopper behaviors, managing traffic congestion, or providing more efficient operations.

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