End to End Data Path Protection

Data error detection plus data recovery equal to THOROUGH data protection. With our built-in engines in the devices, hardware, firmware, or memory error can all be captured.

NANDXtend ECC Engine

Standing on the shoulder of standard BCH ECC and RS ECC engines employed in conventional SSDs, LDPC (low-density parity-check) code and Group page RAID algorithm now push it even further to reduce potential dPPM and EXTEND the service life of your SSDs.

IntelligentScan ECC Engine

Just like the importance of body check, a regular self-scan on SSD is indispensable for the extension of data retention capability.


A magic-like magic technique to reshape your MLCs or TLCs to operate, perform, and ENDURE like an SLC. There used to be a puzzle spiting the industry to choose between performance and cost. Now, SLCMode is the answer.


Human's needs for mobility never stops growing throughout the history; in fact, it has been growing exponentially for the past decades. As humans continue to reach deeper corners on Earth, vehicles, alongside the storage devices, have to be built with more advanced technology and techniques to have the necessary reliability to go high up to the mountains and go low down to the valleys. No matter how cold, how hot, or how bumpy the journeys may be, IMS's storage devices will always support you forward until the moment of arrival.

  • Electric Vehicle
  • ADAS
  • Fleet Management
  • Autonomous Driving
  • In-Vehicle Recorder
  • DSRC / C-V2X
  • Onboard Entertainment
smart car

Analytics real-time captured dataIndustrial-grade solid state storage and memory solutions must provide reliable operations no matter what kind of circumstances include wide temperature support, sudden power interruptions, shock,vibration and high humidity to meet the unique requitements of this demanding market. Due to the increasing varieties of infotainment and dashboard applications in cars definitely require higher storage capacities than before.

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